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Shipments to Italy
Shipments from 1 pallet to FTL
(full truck load)

  • Own office in Italy
  • Daily arrivals / departures
  • Our equipment of 3000 Mega Huckepack trailers + charter carriers
  • Full Truck Loads secured by Mega trailers, standard and box trailers
  • The possibility of Stand-by trailers for project transports (Warehouse on Wheels)
  • JIT/JIS transportation between production plants, project logistics
  • The possibility of insurance beyond CMR conditions
  • Single point of contact - direct contact responsible for your shipments
  • Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) - we can manage your entire logistics flow to ensure significant cost savings in your supply chain
  • Groupage service
  • Less than Full Truck Load (LTL)
  • Full Tuck Load (FTL)
  • Express transport
  • Oversize transport

Overview table for shipments to Italy:

type of transport the time needed to order transit time shipment size - the quantity shipment size - the weight
FTL 24 hours 36-72 hours up to 100 cbm up to 24 t
LTL 24 hours 48-96 hours 1 pallet to 11 ldm/70 cbm up to 15 t
groupage 24 hours 72-120 hours 1/2 pallet to 3 pallets 100 kg to 1000 kg
express to 1.5 t 2 hours from 24 hours 1/2 pallet to 4 pallets 100 kg to 1500 kg
express over 1.5 t 2 hours 48 hours 5 pallets to 16 pallet places 1500 kg to 3500 kg

Groupage service

Rapidly changing demands requires a flexible transport system.

If the delivery of your consignment hurry and looking for the cheapest solution, we offer a collection service transportation. Departures from the Czech Republic to Sweden and from Sweden to the Czech Republic provide daily back and forth. In cooperation with local carriers we will arrange delivery and collection of your shipments.

From half a pallet to pallet 3, the transit time of 3-5 days, the time needed to order before shipment: 24 hours.

Less than Full Truck Load /LTL/

Quickly and cheaply. LTL creates functional logistical network.

From one pallet to large part loads, Ewals Cargo Care provides LTL services throughout a network of European cross docks. In combination with the own fleet of 3.000 mega trailers and those of our transport partners Ewals Cargo Care takes care of the whole process.  Our team of experienced planners combining daily shipments so as to achieve the best capacity utilization of the trucks, and so the best rates for transportation to the customer.

From one pallet to 11ldm / 70cbm, the transit time of 2-4 days, the time needed to order before shipment: 24 hours.

Oversized Transport

Our professional team of specialist is ready to offer You project solutions  and subsequent realisation of Your transport needs. In our portfolio we offer solutions for heavy and oversized transports as well. For realisation of these transport we cooperate with partners with modern and extensive fleet.

Thanks to large experience with oversized transports we can react to practicly any of Your requests in this area. Our specialist for cargo road transport will always offer you a specific proposal for a suitable solution.

Full Truck Loads /FTL/

Ewals Cargo Care is for decades the leading provider of transportations services.

Ewals Cargo Care provides transport services across Europe and beyond, With combined transport over road, rail or sea, we maximally utilize the intermodal network. Through combination pf our 3.000 Mega Huckepack trailers and extern transport partners we are able to provide logistic solutions according to your specific requirements.

Up to 100 cbm, transit time 3-6 days, required pre-advice: 24 hours.

Express Transport

We provide express services to and from Sweden and all over Europe.

With our genuine network, we are able to deliver your shipment to the right place in right time. Wherever and whenever - fast and reliable.

For any express shipment we guarantee the shortest possible transit time in every situation. This all through reliable partner network and diverse fleet from motorcycles to helicopters. Wherever your shipment is, we guarantee the on-time delivery to the place you request.

Shipment less than 1.5t

Whether your production doesn't keep up or your customer has an unusual request for immediate delivery, we ensure the transport of the goods in taxi vehicles up to 1.5t in the shortest possible transit time.

Shipments from 1.5t up to 24t

In case you request an export transport in express time, we can guarantee the shortest possible transit time when adviced at least 24 hours ahead. During the transport, you will be regularly informed about the actual position and the expected time of arrival.

Combination of air and road transport

We provide transports based on scheduled and charter flights (a prepared plane at the nearest airport to your facility and delivery to the nearest airport to your destination).

Full truck transport between Italy and Europe

From/to IT to/from DE, BE, NL, ES, UK, SK, PL, FR, FIN, SE, HU, CZ


Intermodal transport between Italy and Europe

From/to IT to/from DE, BE, NL, ES, UK, SE


Ewals Cargo Care - Your logistic partner not only for Italy

Ewals Cargo Care works on flexible, effective and long-term functioning solutions since 1906.

Ewals Cargo Care is Your partner for any kind of transport or logistic solution regardless of whether it is road, intermodal, air, sea or oversized transport or supply chain management.


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